Green Room Makeover

If your a renter, either in an apartment, duplex or home, decorating can be a challenge when you end up with a place you love but a difficult color to design around.

What if you end up with a green room? Using a distraction technique you can create a beautiful room regardless of the color you have to start with.

This room is stark with white furniture and green walls. By adding the right accessories you can distract from the starkness and create something vibrant that moves the focus off the dark green of the walls. Employing shades of turquoise and blue harmonize with the green but move the focal point away from the dark green walls making the space feel lighter and more interesting without having to paint.

First a rug was added that pulls together the green walls and the focal point, the painting above the bed. Echoing the turquoise in the painting, a turquoise comforter with blue pillows accentuates the painting and distracts from the green walls. Two blue lamps and a blue planter create contrast and interest in the room further drawing the eye away from the green wall. Overall the room has become a relaxing and vibrant environment. Now the green walls are a beautiful backdrop to the coordinating accessories instead of an overwhelming color block.