Decorating Styles

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  • The Design of Everyday Things – Book Review
    The classic book, The Design of Everyday Things, is a fantastic look at the psychology of human interaction with the things around us. For everyone interested in design it will help you recognize good design and bad design and encourage you to look at the
  • Modern Style
    The modern style is filled with straight lines and geometric curves. Simple but with a sense of sophistication, it leaves no room for clutter or too many décor items. Employing a neutral base with pops of bold color it is vibrant and has a sense
  • Painted Built-ins
    An interesting trend that is being seen is painting built in cabinets in dining and living spaces the same color as the wall. Many homes during the fifties and sixties had built in shelves and cupboards in other rooms besides the kitchen. If yours are
  • Proportion & Scale
    When your placing items in your room don’t forget about proportion and scale.  Proportion and scale refer to the size of the items in your room in relation to each other. Using the correct proportions in your elements lets the eye travel naturally through the
  • Dark Wall Trends
    Everywhere you look, design and decorating magazines, HGTV and Pinterest we’re seeing the use of the dark gray, dark taupe and sometimes even black walls being highlighted. To open the space and increase contrast try to use light colored furniture and accessories to offset the
  • Paint & Lighting
    Choosing a paint color for your walls is a difficult task. There’s choosing the type of paint, brand of paint and of course the color. The step that is most important is that you get a few paint samples of the colors you are interested
  • Interior Design Course – Book Review
    The book Interior Design Course is a great read! Packed with diagrams, graphics and samples, we especially love the case studies. If your an aspiring designer or just would like to learn about what an interior design course is like, this book is for you.
  • Coastal Style
    The coastal style is filled with the colors of the ocean. Light blue and aqua are used in the pillows, drapes and rugs of the room. Using white furniture and coastal accessories lends to the light, airy feeling of the style. Adding a coastal style
  • Color Wheels
    There are many ways to choose color for your rooms. If you want to experiment, using a color wheel is a fun option. Gather as many paint chips as you can from your local paint store then using the color wheel to find complimentary and
  • Area Rugs & Color
    Choosing accent colors for a room can be difficult. One way to do this is to use the colors from an area rug. Designers spend time on choosing the right colors for their creations and you can use this to create a color scheme for
  • How to Use a Color Palette to Make a Room Pop
    If you are thinking of updating a room in your house choosing a new color palette is one way to add a new look to a tired room. The trick is, how do you use a color palette once you have picked one out? In
  • Industrial Style
    Industrial uses materials, such as exposed steel and wooden elements, to create a raw, unfinished look. Brick walls compliment the style as well as light fixtures with metal finishes. Concrete flooring is used with factory styled and utilitarian accessories to create the industrial interior. Industrial
  • Color Schemes
    If your interested in color schemes or need a quick review, here is a list that describes the basic schemes used in art and design.   Monochromatic This is the use of one color. In decorating this doesn’t mean that the room and accessories are
  • Design Styles
    There are many styles and historically based styles that you can use in your home. Here are a few of the most common that are found in interior decorating. Traditional The traditional style is warm and homey yet has a sense of formality. The room
  • Modular Sofa Ideas
    If you like to change your furniture around often, a modular sofa is the way to go. It offers the ability to create endless layouts in your room. Perfect for the holidays, to make space for your Christmas tree, or when your entertaining, the modular