Color Wheels

There are many ways to choose color for your rooms. If you want to experiment, using a color wheel is a fun option. Gather as many paint chips as you can from your local paint store then using the color wheel to find complimentary and Read More

Color Schemes

If your interested in color schemes or need a quick review, here is a list that describes the basic schemes used in art and design.   Monochromatic This is the use of one color. In decorating this doesn’t mean that the room and accessories are Read More

Trending Teal and Gray

A new trend we are seeing is the use of teal as an accent color in an all gray color scheme. The gray is used as a base color, the new neutral, and the teal makes a vibrant statement as accents for accessories. It creates Read More

Triad Color Scheme

The triad color scheme is similar to the split-complementary in that it uses three colors. However, the three colors are spaced equally apart on the color wheel forming a triangle. If blue is your base color then the two additional colors are the two equal Read More

Split Complimentary Color Scheme

The split complimentary color scheme is similar to the complimentary color scheme but uses the two colors on each side of the opposite color from the base color. It results in a softer contrast than the complimentary scheme but the use of three colors adds Read More

Analogous Color Scheme

The analogous color scheme is represented by three adjacent colors on the color wheel. It creates a vibrant, yet extremely harmonious effect in a room.   This color scheme works well if you want to create a lot of color interest in the room but Read More

Complimentary Color Scheme

The complimentary color scheme uses two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel.  The two colors are harmonious but create a lot of contrast when used in interiors.  If you choose for example blue as your base color then orange is the compliment. Read More