Area Rugs & Color

Choosing accent colors for a room can be difficult. One way to do this is to use the colors from an area rug.

Designers spend time on choosing the right colors for their creations and you can use this to create a color scheme for your own room.

This room has a neutral palette with cream walls and a tan couch. For the basis of our color scheme we have chosen a rug that is similar in it’s base color and tone to the sofas.

The color palette taken from the carpet has muted shades of blues, greens and purple on a neutral base. These are the colors we can use for the accents in our room.

Our new room using the color palette from the rug follows.

Pillows in tonal purple and green are added to the sofa. A table lamp, coffee table accessories and framed mirrors round out the color scheme and enhance the pattern in the rug.

The room is harmonious and has a professional decorator quality. The color scheme is pleasant and cohesive adding to the tranquility of the room and was created without the use of color wheels or color theory. A simple, straight-forward way to come up with a color scheme.

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