Rustic Style

If you like the warmth of wood and stone the rustic style may be for you.

The rustic style uses texture and color to create a warm, cozy, inviting feeling. Colors are the warm browns, deep reds and tans of the earth. Textures such as wood and stone create a solid feeling, reminiscent of days gone by. Accented with black metal items and vintage décor, it creates a sense of the old world.

A typical rustic color palette employs rusts, browns and deep greens to create a warm environment. Here is a typical color palette for the rustic style.

The rustic style mixes well with contemporary furnishings. If you already have furniture in a neutral tone, adding a few elements can create a warm rustic feeling in your home.

The following room has a neutral color scheme. Tan sofas and cream walls are a good starting point for creating a rustic style room.

To create a rustic feel several elements are added…

  • A wood faux candle ceiling fixture is added
  • A warm rustic styled rug is placed between the sofas adding texture and pattern to the room
  • Colors from the rug are used in the drapes and accent pillows
  • Accessories with old world charm, such as a quilt rack and antique globe, flank the fireplace
  • Vintage wall scones and lamp add to the lighting design
  • An wrought iron fireplace grill fronts the fireplace adding to the rustic feel of the room
  • A vintage chest is used as the coffee table

The room now exemplifies the rustic style. Warm, cozy and comfortable.