Paint & Lighting

Choosing a paint color for your walls is a difficult task. There’s choosing the type of paint, brand of paint and of course the color.

The step that is most important is that you get a few paint samples of the colors you are interested in and paint swatches on the walls where you want to put them.

Interior lighting and outdoor lighting make a huge difference in how a color looks in your room.

A nice yellow in your kitchen may look slightly green at night.

That’s why it’s important to check the color on your walls at different times of day and in different lighting situations.

In the following images we have a light blue wall at different times of day.







When we put a swatches from different times of day next to each other the difference is quite notable.


So don’t forget the important step of painting swatches on your wall and checking them in different lighting situations to make sure your going to achieve the color that makes you happy…

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