Traditional Style

The traditional style is warm and homey yet has a sense of formality.

The room layout is very balanced using a great deal of symmetry. Colors are rich, muted and warm. Think of burgundies, greens and browns which add a sense of richness to the room. The style uses antique furniture and architectural elements, such as traditional fireplaces, as focal points. There is nothing surprising or off balance with the traditional style, instead is exudes a sense of harmony and calm.

A traditional fireplace serves as a focal point in this room which is surrounded by warm rich colors and a mixture of patterns in a warm shades of burgundy and green common to the traditional style.

Furniture in the traditional style is formal and based in antique motifs and accents. The rich fabric used on the couch in the pillows add a sense of warmth but still have a formal feel.

Rich brown paneling and a comfy burgundy chair as used to create a sense a warmth and tradition. Traditional furniture adds a sense of weight and comfort.