Painted Built-ins

An interesting trend that is being seen is painting built in cabinets in dining and living spaces the same color as the wall.

Many homes during the fifties and sixties had built in shelves and cupboards in other rooms besides the kitchen. If yours are not in good condition, or you need a room style change, painting them may be an option.

Here we have examples of built-ins painted the same color as the windows and the walls. It adds a sense of openness to the wall and makes the accessories really pop.

Here we have a standard living room. Long and narrow with a built-in bookshelf at the end. It still looks nice but the wall of books and shelves stop the eye from moving throughout the room. The flow is blocked by the large bookshelf.


By painting the bookshelf the same blue as the accent wall, the room is elongated and the eye flows freely. It doesn’t come to an abrupt halt when it encounters the shelves as in the previous image. The accessories on the shelves really stand out and become the focus of the wall instead of the shelves.