Modern Style

The modern style is filled with straight lines and geometric curves. Simple but with a sense of sophistication, it leaves no room for clutter or too many décor items.

Employing a neutral base with pops of bold color it is vibrant and has a sense of excitement. Bold colored rugs or paintings can be used as the focal point and serve as a unifying element for colorful, but minimal accessories.

The modern style works well mixed with contemporary. If you already have some contemporary furnishings, adding modern style elements will still create a unified look and may deter some of the austerity of the modern style.

This room is a typical apartment. Long and narrow with windows on one end. The styles are mixed between contemporary, the sofa and loveseat, and traditional, the coffee table, end table and lamp. A muted landscape hangs on the wall, and the curtains are non-descript and billowy. With a few modifications, this has potential for a mixed contemporary, modern style.

We a few modifications, the room has a modern feel too it without being too cold. Replacing the lamps and adding mini blinds added a sense of modernity to the room. Pops of yellow in the tables give the room interest and color and by re-framing the landscape to match the room it has taken on a contemporary feel.