Classical Style

Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture the classical style embodies a formal layout with muted color themes. It encompasses a formal feel with columns, marble and luxurious fabrics.

This image illustrates the classical style at it most formal.

The sofa and ottoman have a rich fabric with muted color tones and the room is flanked by inspiring classical columns.

The lines of the furnishings are simple and curved and arranged with a symmetrical balance and weight.

If you want to add this style to your own home try by adding a few pieces to mix with your current décor.

For example, faux Greek columns can be used as plant stands and faux marble decorative items are readily available.

These items are classic and mix well with other contemporary pieces.

Contemporary Living Room

Here we have an attractive contemporary living room. To add a classical flair we removed the modern painting on the wall, removed the carpet and the yellow accessories.

Contemporary Living Room with Classical Accents

In their place, we added a gray marble classical column with an elegant Boston Fern placed on top.

The color palette is dictated by the brick wall and the existing furniture.

To add texture and enhance the color palette, soft cream pillows are added to the couch and a stylized floral rug echoing the colors in the room is placed center stage.

The final touch is a classical inspired vase on the coffee table with the colors in the rug which pulls it all together.

Now we have a mix of classical and contemporary without having to purchase an entire new room.

Great update if your looking to embrace elements of the classical style.

Classical accessories such as columns and vases can add the style to your room…