Design Styles

There are many styles and historically based styles that you can use in your home. Here are a few of the most common that are found in interior decorating.


The traditional style is warm and homey yet has a sense of formality. The room layout is very balanced using a great deal of symmetry. Colors are rich, muted and warm.


Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture the classical style embodies a formal layout with muted color themes. It encompasses a formal feel with columns, marble and luxurious fabrics.


The modern style is filled with straight lines and geometric curves. Simple but with a sense of sophistication, it leaves no room for clutter or too many décor items.



The contemporary style is modern in feel but with a much softer, welcoming overtone. Employing straight and gently curved lines, the furnishings are neutral in color but warm, rich accent colors are used to add a sense of comfort.



Cottage is warm and romantic.  It makes one feel as if they are in a charming English cottage. The color palette is full of blush and rose adding to the romance of the style. Using vintage items, often painted white, with floral accents in upholstery, drapes and fabric, it is a decidedly feminine style.


The coastal style is filled with the colors of the ocean. Light blue and aqua are used in the pillow, drapes and rugs of the room. Using white furniture and coastal accessories lends to the light, airy feeling of the style.



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