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  1. DecorSimplified says:

    IKEA makes cube shelving that is finished on both sides. We like the idea of this type of shelving for dividers because it will let light through, so while creating a separation it does not create a block that may make the room look small and cluttered.

  2. DecorSimplified says:

    There are wood and laminate finishes available, but if your the creative type, try painting old metal file cabinets bright colors. One interesting way is to paint the cabinet one color and the drawers a complimentary shade. Check on Pinterest for painted metal file cabinets for ideas.

  3. DecorSimplified says:

    Instead of the traditional bookshelf, try cube shelves. That way you can create a mix of books and decorative items which creates a sense of visual interest and movement.

  4. DecorSimplified says:

    Instead of blinds, consider using drapes with sheers. Close the drapes at night for ultimate privacy. When they are open during the day, sheers add privacy but let in the light.

  5. DecorSimplified says:

    If your room is small try painting one accent wall a dark color. Dark colors recede and will make the room feel larger. Another option is to use a three dimensional wall mural as an accent wall.

  6. DecorSimplified says:

    A great way to update a bathroom is to get new towel holders. Look for towel holders with a modern look and replace the outdated ones. If the mirror is one of the flat dated styles, try a mirror framing kit to add a modern touch.

  7. DecorSimplified says:

    Yellow looks fantastic with gray and is bright and cheerful. Try painting one wall, as an accent, a light shade of yellow and then use accessories in a brighter shade.

  8. DecorSimplified says:

    We like using mirrors…observe the sunlight pattern in your room throughout the day and then place mirrors where the sun hits the wall. It will bring an amazing amount of light into the room as well as making it feel larger.

  9. Guest User says:

    I live in a studio apartment that is 500 square feet – what suggestions do you have to separate my bedroom section from my living room section?

  10. Guest User says:

    Afternoon sun shines directly into the living room. Are there any colors that would help make it feel cooler?

  11. DecorSimplified says:

    Spackle has come to be used as a generic term for anything that is used to fill holes such as a nail hole in plaster. There are many types available depending on the application so ask your local hardware staff which is right for you.

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