Prepping for a Christmas Pool Party

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Seasons come and go and as fall nears to an end there’s no denying that Christmas is fast approaching. Although we usually cozy up indoors for some holiday fun, you can also bring the merriment outdoors.

Where better to hold the party than at your pool area? It’s the ideal place for less-intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. As long as you make sure that your pool deck is slip-resistant to avoid hazards, all you’ll need is this guide and you’re good to go!

Decide on a theme.
A theme will bring cohesiveness and creativity to your party. It will make the next steps of party planning easy for you as everything else will revolve around what them you’ll choose. For example, if you go for the theme “A Tropical Christmas” you can serve up some pineapple eggnog and put up palm leaf and coconut wreaths for a tropical twist.

Send the invitations early.
You’re not going to be the only one who will host a party at Christmas. During the yuletide season, merriment is all around the corner and chances are your guests will be invited to multiple parties as well. Make sure your pool party isn’t skipped out on by sending the invites in advance.

Plan the menu.
The menu doesn’t have to be limited to themed edibles. Christmas classics like pudding and apple pies are a staple that you can’t skip on. You can also add twists to traditional holiday cuisine by incorporating the elements of the theme to your cooking. Keep in mind that it helps to assemble the recipes in advance to save yourself from the hassle of doing last-minute groceries.

Prepare the decorations.
When it comes to decorations for the holidays, families consider making DIY decor as a form of bonding. Get some help from the kids and make your own party decor. For those who have the budget but not enough time, buying ready-made decor surely wouldn’t hurt.

Come up with a playlist.
What’s a party without music? A snooze-fest. Carols are great for Christmas eve but for a Christmas pool party, the music should be lively and upbeat. Look into the holiday pop genre for the latest yuletide songs and renditions. Remixes of classic Christmas tunes are also welcome to make your holiday playlist.

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