Modular Sofa Ideas

If you like to change your furniture around often, a modular sofa is the way to go. It offers the ability to create endless layouts in your room. Perfect for the holidays, to make space for your Christmas tree, or when your entertaining, the modular sofa is ideal.

A truly modular sofa is one that has several pieces that you can mix and match for different effects. A good modular sofa will offer a corner section, single middle sections, ottoman and an optional chaise lounge.

corner section
single section

Here are some layout ideas with a modular sofa…

Three single sections are placed together to create one long couch. The two corner sections create a love seat. The love seat is at an angle to create an asymmetrical layout and the corner is opened up…perfect for a Christmas tree.

Two corners and one single section create a traditional sofa. The two single sections are placed on the sides of the ottoman.

The modules are arranged to create a large corner group with the ottoman serving as an end table.

A single section with two corner sections create a sofa. The elements are arranged around the ottoman creating a conversational layout. Perfect for entertaining.

The modular elements are arranged in a traditional L shaped fashion with the ottoman centered for resting your feet. Add a tray to the ottoman and it serves as the coffee table also.

Today, modular sofas come in a variety of styles and configurations.

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