Mid Century Modern Makeover

Mid Century Modern is a style that is trending right now. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to the style. Here we’ll show you how to create your own Mid Century Modern Masterpiece!

Let’s start with a blank room with large windows. One of the ideas of Mid Century Modern architecture was bringing the outdoors in with large windows. Here we have a canvas with large windows, natural oak flooring and walnut trim; all items common to the style.

Now we will add the furniture. Colors in the style were muted greens, oranges and blues. We have chosen a muted blue sofa with walnut legs and an accent chair in orange to keep with the traditional MCM themes. A set of walnut accent tables completes the look displaying the use of curved and organic lines.

Lighting played an important role in MCM design. We have a modern chandelier for our ambient lighting, a task lamp in the corner of the sofa and love-seat and accent lighting with orange shades to pop the orange and blue color scheme. Our task lamp has organic curves and is made of glass echoing the glass of the accent tables tops.

Our accent pieces are added last bringing the room together in Mid Century Modern at its finest. The star wall clock, one of MCM’s most recognizable elements, adorns the area above the couch. Two-tone planters add interest with the contrasting color of the wood and green of the foliage. A brandy service, reminiscent of old fifties movies adorns the coffee table. A rug with circles brings the color scheme together and adds a spark of interest and movement.  Orange throw pillows add a pop of color and tie in the orange accent chair.