Interior Design Course – Book Review

The book Interior Design Course is a great read! Packed with diagrams, graphics and samples, we especially love the case studies. If your an aspiring designer or just would like to learn about what an interior design course is like, this book is for you.

Book Description from Amazon…
Not every home owner or apartment dweller can afford to hire an interior decorator, but this book and a bit of do-it-yourself spirit are all that’s needed to give living interiors an elegant, professionally finished look. Presenting all the design principles and techniques needed for creating beautiful rooms, Interior Design Course advises readers on how to think visually and develop distinctive, personal styles of their own. The book is organized into units that reflect interior design courses offered at leading schools. Step-by-step tutorials guide readers through the entire design process, starting with planning the space, then instructing on choosing color schemes and furnishings, and working with a variety of materials. Separate units focus on design principles pertaining to—The suburban home, the urban live/work loft apartment, utilitarian bathroom and kitchen design, and commercial interiors—restaurants, retail spaces, and offices. There is also a chapter on becoming a professional interior designer, with advice on preparing a portfolio and marketing one’s skills. A gallery of finished examples by professional designers and advanced students presents scores of beautiful and instructive color photos. Here in a single volume are the insights and techniques for producing handsome, highly professional-looking designs. More than 300 color illustrations.

Happy Reading!

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