Industrial Style

Industrial uses materials, such as exposed steel and wooden elements, to create a raw, unfinished look.

Brick walls compliment the style as well as light fixtures with metal finishes.

Concrete flooring is used with factory styled and utilitarian accessories to create the industrial interior.

Industrial colors tend to stick to warm, neutral colors such as grays and browns with the iron or steel, exposed concrete and unfinished brickwork complementing them perfectly.

Statement lights are common in industrial style design.

The following room has exposed venting and brick walls. The lighting fixtures have a vintage laboratory feel. The coloring is gray and austere with simple utilitarian furnishings.

This room demonstrates elements of the industrial style…

  • Furniture has exposed metal supports, complimented by black upholstery.
  • A faux, brick wall creates a sense of roughness with the other walls painted a complimentary gray.
  • The lighting fixtures are in a utilitarian style.
  • Window cases are painted black to highlight the shape of the windows.
  • The floor has raw unfinished look but is stained gray to compliment the color scheme.

Accessories and lighting elements are a good way to add industrial touches to a room…

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