Contemporary Style

The contemporary style is just as it names implies, current style trends used in a comfortable and relaxing way.

Using open floor plans and natural light, furnishings and accessories are used minimally, but have a warm, welcoming feel.

Contemporary color palettes use warm, neutrals as the base. An analogous color scheme is a good option for this style. It allows for a varied, neutral color palette, but is still warm and comfortable.

Contemporary furnishings are exemplified by modern pieces in neutral colors and interesting textures to create a simple yet comfortable and warm look. Lines are simple, but not to the point of austerity.

The following room uses neutral colors and interesting textures. The dark wood compliments the neutral color palette and minimal accessories. Modern furnishings in warm colors complete the look.

This example demonstrates elements of the contemporary style.

  • Soft cream walls and a neutral textured carpet create a base for the room.
  • Throw pillows in a soft brown add a cozy feel to the neutral sofa.
  • A matching wood table set creates a sense of hominess and warmth.
  • The window coverings are neutral adding to the harmony of the environment.
  • Accessories are simple and kept to a minimum in soft colors.

A good place to start with the contemporary style is with a sofa…