Paint & Lighting

Choosing a paint color for your walls is a difficult task. There’s choosing the type of paint, brand of paint and of course the color.

Coastal Style

The coastal style is filled with the colors of the ocean. Light blue and aqua are used in the pillows, drapes and rugs of the

Color Wheels

There are many ways to choose color for your rooms. If you want to experiment, using a color wheel is a fun option. Gather as

Area Rugs & Color

Choosing accent colors for a room can be difficult. One way to do this is to use the colors from an area rug. Designers spend

Industrial Style

Industrial uses materials, such as exposed steel and wooden elements, to create a raw, unfinished look. Brick walls compliment the style as well as light

Color Schemes

If your interested in color schemes or need a quick review, here is a list that describes the basic schemes used in art and design.

Design Styles

There are many styles and historically based styles that you can use in your home. Here are a few of the most common that are

Modular Sofa Ideas

If you like to change your furniture around often, a modular sofa is the way to go. It offers the ability to create endless layouts