All About Paint Types

Besides choosing a color for your walls, it’s important to understand and choose the right interior paint type for your project. Use this handy guide to help you figure out which is best for you.

Paint Types


First decision to be made is if you will need a primer. A primer prepares the walls for the new paint coat. If you trying to cover an oil based paint with a latex, or if you are going to cover a dark paint with a lighter shade you will need to use a primer.

Oil Based

Oil based paints are created with oil as a base, also known as alkyd paints, provide a durable finish. Typically used for door and window frames, as well as high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Clean up requires chemical solvents however, which makes painting with this type more difficult.

Latex Based

Latex based paints are create with water (not latex), and are easy to use. They do not have alot of odor and clean up with soap and water.

Paint Finishes



Matte has no sheen and is perfect for walls with imperfections. It is more difficult to keep clean and therefore should not be used in high traffic areas.



Eggshell has a slight sheen but does not product a lot of glare. Slightly more durable than matte it is a good choice for walls where occasional cleaning may be necessary.



Semi-gloss has a high sheen and is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. It is very durable and can be cleaned up easily with no damage to the painted surface.



Gloss is highly reflective and is used for painting window and door frames. It is highly durable and cleans up easily.


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