5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

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Thanks to Kevin Nelson for this great article on choosing a new sofa…you can read his bio at the end of the article.

leather sofa
Great choice of color, fabric and sofa legs!

The question in many people’s minds is probably ‘why should we debate on any issue instead of just picking something up and filling my sitting room?’ Well, we pretty much use the sofas for everything; relaxing, sleeping, eating, enjoying a video game, watching the TV, having snacks or even interesting ourselves with certain games. These are convincing reasons as to why we should analyze the options in the manufacturer’s collection before deciding on what we are carrying home. Furthermore, unlike regular necessities, a sofa is something to be used over a long period thus a good selection will be very important.

What to Contemplate On

Before making your final decision and doing the transaction of funds, a thing or two should be put to account on the kind of sofa you should purchase. The 5 main issues to check for are:

Measurements of the Sofa

A perfect fit equals a perfect seat. Well, before even running to any options on display you should have the exact measurements of the room where the sofa will be arranged. These figures will assist you in knowing what to look for when buying a sofa. The estimates should also enable the movers to comfortably get your sofa to your desired position without straining to enter the door. An ideal sofa should allow a good allowance of space to move around as well as the intended arrangement met.

Be Wise in Your Choice of Frame

white sofa
Whoa! The design is so amazing!

One of the tips for buying a sofa is investing in a great frame. Many people nowadays prefer wooden sofas to the usual one that I covered all round with clothing. In such a scenario, the curves to your edges and the finishing of your sofa legs should affect your purchase. Such factors will affect your posture of sitting and the cleanliness of the area under the seat respectively. Furthermore, the finishing of the frame dictates the overall beauty of the seat. Similarly, the material used to make the furniture should be considered, putting to account that hardwood is the most durable and of outstanding quality.

Be Selective with the Fabric

Buying a sofa can be quite a challenge if you are less knowledgeable about fabrics. Sometimes buyers don’t know what to look for when buying a leather sofa. Regardless of the color or pattern you select, you should ensure that the cleaner for upholstery fabric for your sofa won’t have a hard time while servicing your merchandise.

Quality of the Cushions

Reviews suggest that cushions filled with fiber tend to lose their shape over time while the ones with feathers are more comfortable though they need maintenance. This is the kind of information that you should have before selecting the material used to make the place where you’ll be resting your head and arm while enjoying your selection. The best opinion is to have a blend of the two to ensure maximum satisfaction and longevity.

Testing Before Purchase

cozy sofa
Perfect fit and enough room to walk around!

The last and most important step to take is testing the quality of the choice. You should ensure that all your attributes are met by the manufacturer and that the product is of good quality and in good condition as well.


Buying a sofa ought to be a very considerate move due to the importance of the furniture. Have you bought a sofa before? What were the features that you were looking for? How pleased are you with the decision that you made?

Author’s Bio:

Kevin the author of this article does home renovation and part of his specialties is carpentry. He takes up tasks of repairing old sofas to the current designs of the client. He has recently opened up a shop that has professionals to guide clients of different preferences of a sofa. During his free time, he enjoys sailing.

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