Contemporary Style

The contemporary style is just as it names implies, current style trends used in a comfortable and relaxing way. Using open floor plans and natural light, furnishings and accessories are used minimally, but have a warm, welcoming feel. Contemporary color palettes use warm, neutrals as the base. An analogous color scheme is a good option for this style. It allows for a varied, neutral color palette, but is still warm and comfortable. Contemporary furnishings are

Traditional Style

The traditional style is warm and homey yet has a sense of formality. The room layout is very balanced using a great deal of symmetry. Colors are rich, muted and warm. Think of burgundies, greens and browns which add a sense of richness to the room. The style uses antique furniture and architectural elements, such as traditional fireplaces, as focal points. There is nothing surprising or off balance with the traditional style, instead is exudes