Balance in a room relates to the placement of items in the space and their relation to each other. Balance creates a harmonious and relaxing feel. When a room does not have balance it can appear disjointed or be uncomfortable. There are three common room layouts to follow for achieving a good sense of balance:  symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Symmetrical Symmetrical balance is placing items of equal weight along a central axis in a room.


Rhythm in a room adds to the visual interest. Using different textures, patterns, shapes and color dictates where and why the eye moves throughout the room. There are four kinds of rhythm used in home decorating: alteration, repetition, contrast and progression. Alteration Alteration is alternating of two types of items. For example, using two pillows with different patterns or two items with different sizes. Alteration adds interest to the room. Repetition Repetition is repeating two